Lions and tigers and bears...

The circus meets the zoo? Yup - meet at the front gates tomorrow at 10:30am (ish). It's looking like a gorgeous day - so plan on a trip to bring swinsuits & towels. Think we'll go over around Africa, then go over to the discovery zone and end up at the splash pad.

Admission is $21 for adults, $13 for kids over 4 and free 3 and under. Parking is $8.00 - and I think cash only.

July 8 - Black Creek Pioneer Village

We'll meet between the Grain Barn and Cider Mill at about 10:30am - for latecomers (which may be us too!) we'll be heading straight up the road - stop for a snack at the School/Rbolin's Mill, then go 'round the other loop and probably end the day on the green in front of the event pavillion.

Wednesdays are 'Fashion Day' with a special exhibit and activity at Mackenzie House.

Admission is $15 for adults, $11 for kids and free under $4 - you can buy tickets in advance to save $2 each.

Sorry folks!

I had planned to get the rest of the summer's schedule up this week, but our modem got fried over the weekend and I have been waiting fruitlessly for Bell to rescue us.

However, totally last minute, we will be at the High Park Castle tomorrow for play and lunch (11-2ish). Entrance is off Parkside Dr. - south of Bloor, n. of Queensway.

Will update with full schedule once we are sprung from dial-up hell.