Lions and tigers and bears...

The circus meets the zoo? Yup - meet at the front gates tomorrow at 10:30am (ish). It's looking like a gorgeous day - so plan on a trip to bring swinsuits & towels. Think we'll go over around Africa, then go over to the discovery zone and end up at the splash pad.

Admission is $21 for adults, $13 for kids over 4 and free 3 and under. Parking is $8.00 - and I think cash only.

July 8 - Black Creek Pioneer Village

We'll meet between the Grain Barn and Cider Mill at about 10:30am - for latecomers (which may be us too!) we'll be heading straight up the road - stop for a snack at the School/Rbolin's Mill, then go 'round the other loop and probably end the day on the green in front of the event pavillion.

Wednesdays are 'Fashion Day' with a special exhibit and activity at Mackenzie House.

Admission is $15 for adults, $11 for kids and free under $4 - you can buy tickets in advance to save $2 each.

Sorry folks!

I had planned to get the rest of the summer's schedule up this week, but our modem got fried over the weekend and I have been waiting fruitlessly for Bell to rescue us.

However, totally last minute, we will be at the High Park Castle tomorrow for play and lunch (11-2ish). Entrance is off Parkside Dr. - south of Bloor, n. of Queensway.

Will update with full schedule once we are sprung from dial-up hell.

First Trip of the Year - June 23!

First outing this year is to Springridge Farm in Milton for pick-your-strawberries & farm fun. Looks like a gorgeous day tomorrow too.


Meet in sandbox area at about 10:00am-admission is $3 and includes the sandbox, plus petting zoo and some other stuff for the kids.

You can't bring in your own food, but their sandbox lunches are yummy for kids and the bakery is worth a visit. Or wrap it up early as it will probably be getting pretty hot by 12:30 or so!

Coming? Questions? Comment below.